Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
Great Lent and Holy Week Agape Picnic


celebrate the end of summer

Tuesday, August 26th at 12 Noon

St. Demetrios (Holy Library) Community Hall


iced tea, soda pop and coffee will be provided


Suggestions to bring...

fried chicken

hot dogs and rolls with trimmings

potato salad, tossed salad, fruit salad, vegetables, etc.

desserts (apple pie, ice cream, etc.)


We will play our usual Bingo with some new moves. NO potato sack races!!

Due to our temporary kitchen, please bring potluck dishes ready to serve.

There will also be a discussion regarding the VIP treasury


For additional info:

Carrie Nicholeris at 632-2865


VIP Seniors are an active, adult social group at St. Demetrios.  All are welcome to come join in the fun and bring something to share!  Your age is not as important as your ability to join in and have a good time.

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Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

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There are three important realizations to make about disappointments and understanding their influence in our lives. First, disappointment is inevitable. Everything and everyone, in every situation, at some point or another, will eventually provide us with a good dose of disappointment. A close friend, a loving family member, and even your parish priest will disappoint you some way, somehow sometimes. When our expectations are not met we feel disappointment. Second, realizing...

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