Rev. Fr. Gary Kyriacou

2017 St. Demetrios Parish Council

George Mallakis - President

Joanne Mirras Knauss - Vice President

Patrice Wheeler - Secretary

Tim McGuire - Co-Treasurer

Nick Mirras - Co-Treasurer

Tom Vegos

Deb Greanias

John Poulos

Mandee Sanderson

Ted Sidiropoulos

St. Demetrios Philoptochos Irini Chapter Board Members

Martha Poulos - President

Nathalie Habash - 1st Vice Pres

Katherine Russell - 2nd Vice Pres

Susan Valle - Recording Secretary

Olivia Bibian - Corr Secretary

Nancy Jassak - Treasurer

Mary Freeth - Asst Treasurer

Danka Schmidt - Advisor

Agape Building Campaign Committee

George Joannou - Chairman

Sandra Arline

Minos Athanasiades

Mary Freeth

Office Staff

Heather Parker - Administrative

Ingrid Poehler - Parish Bookkeeper

Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

Encounter Christ

Many Evangelical Christians can name the date in which they were “Born Again.” The day in which they made Christ a priority in their life. Many of us, as Orthodox Christians, make that commitment on the day of our Baptism and Christmation, as infants. Are we transformed by the love of Christ? Do we allow ourselves to be transformed by Christ? There is a common theme in the Sunday Gospel readings following Pascha (Easter). Each of these five Sunday Gospels after Pascha distinguish a person (or persons) transformed by Christ.

The Sunday following Pascha we hear of “Doubting” Thomas. Thomas is skeptical about the encounter his brother disciples have with the risen Lord and make a bold proclamation, “Unless I see and touch!” The Lord reveals himself to Thomas and Thomas is immediately transformed. Without having to touch, he exclaims, “My Lord and my God!” Thomas encounter’s Christ and his faith is renewed.

The second Sunday after Pascha, we learn of the Myrrh-Bearing Women. These brave women approach the tomb of Christ and find it empty. Having encountered Christ, they return and share the good news with the disciples. Then on the third Sunday after our Lord’s Resurrection the Church shares the story of the paralytic. Although this happens before the Lord’s crucifixion, it holds fast to the theme of “Encountering Christ.” The man has suffered with an infirmity for 38 years...

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